Distance Learning Plan – Phase 2

I just spent an hour on a teleconference with the MTA and I wanted to share some information with you as we move forward into this uncharted territory.  For some of you this may be new information and for some of you it may be a repeat of information so bear with me.  Here are my take aways:

Remote learning principles to consider as we move forward.

1.     Social/Emotional health needs to be TOP priority over academics.

2.     Not all learning should be online.

3.     There need to be reasonable parameters for daily learning time/content delivery while still allowing for maximum flexibility.

4.     Need for racial and economic justice and equity for all populations.

DESE is planning to release guidelines tomorrow on what remote learning should look like, how to address legality issues, privacy, equity and meeting the needs of all populations and pay for all.  MTA will then analyze those guidelines and report their position to locals.  We will work together with administration to come to an agreement that works for all.  This is where we need your help.  Please give us your input as the eBoard and I will meet jointly with administration to develop the distance learning plan for Phase 2.   Please take a minute (or ten) to tell us what’s on your mind.  You have until 1:30 pm tomorrow to share your thoughts/ideas/comments.

I know you are all working hard to meet the needs of your students, your families and yourself in this new normal and I thank you.  I have the advantage of seeing what is happening in my home at an elementary level, high school level and college level.  I am proud to call you my colleagues and my friends.



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