HTA Highlights Issue #2

HTA Highlights

Issue #2

November-January 2020

Our treasurer, Chris Burns, has reported that we currently have 101 members, which represents 92% of teaching faculty. We have signed up 5 new members since the beginning of the school year. So welcome to those of you who are new or returning to our union. We donated $200 to the Giving Tree at Bromfield in December, funded meals for the negotiation team as well as funded the HTA holiday party.

In addition to meeting monthly as an eBoard, we also meet with our building principals and the Superintendent. Here are some topics covered in those meetings to keep you in the loop.

At TBS there has been an ongoing discussion about building cleanliness/management as we continue to bring your concerns to the forefront. There has been a sexual harassment discussion in relation to both staff and students and we spoke about the opportunity for a PLC and/or additional committee around developing policy for responses to sexual harassment. There was also concern raised about homework policies and implementation of a no homework break without discussion with staff first.

At HES we also have continued to discuss building cleanliness. There were conversations revolving around the need for teacher support/assistance in classes that may be overloaded with students that need assistance. We also spoke about inequity in both class sizes as well as class makeup.

During our meetings with Linda we have shared the concerns that members have brought to us and that we have discussed at length in our eBoard meetings as well as with our principals. These meetings are to make sure that everyone is in the loop. We discussed various topics such as: student placement, equity in class size, building cleanliness, vacant positions and interim staffing.
Some issues that have been discussed at our eBoard meetings are finding a dedicated space for nursing mothers to pump at both schools and looking forward to the school calendars and professional development for the 2020-21 school year as HES prepares to move into the new building. We talked about two main goals for this year. We would like to have more members participating on various committees and coming to meetings. We are working on being more transparent and visible so you know what we are up to behind the scenes.

We have offered 10 Minute meetings during the year at both schools, but attendance has been very low. Please note that this is truly a 10 MINUTE meeting for you to come share what’s on your mind. We have no agenda and want to hear from you. We assume that if you don’t come to talk to us that there are no concerns or issues and that may not be the case. Remember that if you feel more comfortable just talking to a building rep, you can do that at any time. Carly Monsen, Carrie McLoughlin, Kate Keane and Davida Bagatelle are ready to listen if you need to talk.

Kathleen Doherty provided both schools with a terrific negotiation update on 12/9/19 and there is nothing new to report at this time. We are still working on getting home emails of all membership so that we are able to contact you with important negotiation updates.

SAVE THE DATE: Our General Membership Meeting will be on Thursday, May 21 from 3:30-4:30 in the HES Library. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!!!


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