HTA Highlights Issue #1

HTA Highlights 

Issue #1

September-November 2019

  • Monthly Administration Meetings
      • TBS – Scheduled month to month
      • HES – 3rd Wednesday of the month
      • Superintendent – 4th Friday of the month
  •  New Members
      • 2 new hires at TBS, 2 new hires at HES
      • 100 members as of Oct. 8, 2019
  • Negotiations
      • HTA approved money to be used for food for negotiation
      • Alternating between HTA paying for food and admin paying for food
  • Building Based Updates 
    • TBS 
      • Challenges of new staff that share rooms/don’t have a home base
      • Social Emotional initiatives violating personal boundaries and making staff uncomfortable
    • HES 
      • Curriculum Night – Looking to have a debrief and have staff input
      • Looking for more collaborative decision making
      • Ed eval binders – making sure HES is consistent with TBS re: pieces of evidence
        • Contract – Article 6, Section 4
        • Linda will need to reconvene the Ed Eval Committee to make any changes
  • New Member Liaison
      • MTA is starting a pilot program for New Member Liaison-Kellie Carlucci
  • New Business
      • Looking to verify/confirm all home emails as we are in a negotiation year

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